Custom Medals for Sale in the USA

The surge in demand for custom medals across the United States reflects our diverse culture of achievement, passion, and excellence. We provide various custom medals designed to encapsulate these values, fitting every unique occasion, from sports championships to academic competitions and corporate recognitions to esteemed military honors. Our custom medals aren’t merely accessories but crafted embodiments of achievement, commitment, and triumph.

The versatility of our medal design caters to a plethora of preferences. From minimalist to intricate designs, modest to grand sizes, classic shapes to unconventional forms, we tailor every aspect of the medal to echo your event’s spirit and the recipient’s accomplishment. We believe in celebrating every victory, achievement, and moment worth commemorating; our custom medals are a testament to this belief.

Moreover, our custom medals also reflect the contemporary and traditional American aesthetic, merging timeless craftsmanship with modern precision. These medals, customized to the last detail, truly encapsulate the essence of the occasion they represent. Our quality assurance means you can trust us to deliver excellent products that will become cherished keepsakes for years.

High-Quality Custom Medallions at Wholesale Prices in the USA

In our commitment to honoring all forms of accomplishments, we present our array of high-quality custom medallions at wholesale prices. We aim to make recognition and celebration a feasible reality for large-scale events by providing affordable quality products.

Our wholesale rates are designed to make bulk orders manageable, enabling you to honor every participant’s effort and commitment. Affordable doesn’t mean cheap at our company; we adhere to stringent quality standards, assuring that our custom medallions retain their sheen and significance over time. We understand these tokens carry memories and narratives, so we pay meticulous attention to each detail.

Furthermore, our competitive pricing models do not sacrifice the quality or customization of our products. Whether you want to order a small batch or in larger quantities, you will find our medallions maintain the same high standards of craftsmanship and design. Affordable, high-quality custom medallions in the USA are within reach with our trusted services.

Custom Shape Medals
Championship Medals

Custom Medals for Awards: High-Quality Award Medals at Low Cost

Achievements are worth celebrating, and we firmly believe that budget constraints should not hamper the joy of recognition. We take pride in offering award medals of the highest quality at cost-effective prices, making recognition and appreciation an accessible practice.

Although modestly priced, our award medals are products of keen craftsmanship and attention to detail that is second to none. These medals offer an elegant and distinguished way to acknowledge accomplishments, whether a momentous sports victory, academic excellence, or extraordinary performance in any sphere of life. Every accomplishment deserves to be commemorated in style.

Moreover, our affordable pricing model is different from compromised quality. On the contrary, each award medal is designed precisely and made from materials that ensure durability and longevity. Each laurel can be cherished for years as a memento of hard work and dedication. Celebrating achievements and honoring heroes is now more affordable than ever with our range of high-quality, low-cost award medals.

What is a Medal, and What’s a custom medal?

A medal, at its core, is a symbol. It represents achievement, courage, and merit as a tangible token of recognition for outstanding individuals. Over the years, medals have held a significant place in numerous areas, from the military to sports and academics.

A custom medal takes this recognition one step further. These are not just any piece of molded metal but a carefully crafted item that mirrors the accomplishment it honors. Each custom medal tells a story; it speaks of the sweat and toil and the individual’s triumphs and challenges.

These customized pieces elevate the significance of medals by adding a personal touch, reflecting the unique journey of the person or team they honor. Custom medals act as a badge of honor, celebrating the perseverance and dedication of the recipient while also serving as a lasting reminder of their achievement.

Custom Medal
USA Medal

Significance of Medals

The significance of medals extends far beyond the shimmer of their metallic facade. They serve as tokens of recognition, underlining the courage, dedication, and skill required to stand out. Whether awarded for military service, sporting prowess, or academic excellence, each medal carries an intrinsic value that transcends the material it’s made of.

Medals are more than just a symbol of victory; they signify a journey marked by effort, resilience, and unwavering focus. They encapsulate countless hours of training, moments of self-doubt overcome, and the final euphoria of achieving one’s goal.

In this vein, the importance of a medal lies not just in the event it commemorates but also in the broader context of the recipient’s journey. Each medal serves as a tangible reminder of a path taken, obstacles surmounted, and triumph at the end of that journey. It’s this resonance that underscores the enduring significance of medals.

Custom Medals: Gold, Silver & Bronze USA Medals – No Minimum Orders

Every victory deserves recognition, no matter the scale. That’s why we offer custom-made Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals with no minimum orders, making meaningful recognition accessible to all.

Our medals, intricately crafted in gold, silver, and bronze, are not just a symbol of achievement but a masterpiece that reflects the magnitude of the victory. Each carefully designed and meticulously crafted medal is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

With no minimum order requirement, we allow everyone to experience the joy of recognition. From large organizations seeking hundreds of medals to individuals or small teams wanting just one or two, we cater to orders of all sizes, ensuring that every achievement is due.

Custom Tournament Finalist Medal
Customized League Finalist Medal

Personalized Sports Medals: Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse

Celebrate triumphs and cherish memories with our Personalized Sports Medals, meticulously crafted for athletes. A fitting tribute to sporting prowess, our custom sports medals cater to various disciplines. Our catalog covers everything from traditional team sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Soccer to emerging disciplines like Lacrosse.

As fans of Major League Baseball, the NFL, and the National Basketball Association will attest, a custom sports medal elevates the joy of victory. In sports such as Tennis, Golf, Volleyball, Boxing, and Cricket, where individual skill often takes center stage, a custom medal adds an extra layer of personal accomplishment.

Even for sports like Rugby, NHL, Badminton, Field Hockey, and Fencing, our custom medals are a perfect testament to the hours of training and hard work. We also cater to disciplines under Major League Soccer, Softball, Motorsports, Auto Racing, and Wrestling, ensuring that every athlete can receive the recognition they deserve.

Customize Your Medallion

From selecting the material to choosing the design, the customization options for your medallion are virtually endless. Our goal is to create a piece that resonates with your unique achievement, and personalization is key to this process.

You can customize every aspect of your medallion, starting with the material. We can accommodate your preferences, be it classic gold, silver, or bronze, or more contemporary materials like acrylic, glass, or eco-friendly options. For those seeking something unique, we even offer customization in less conventional materials like tungsten, titanium, copper, zinc, or 14k gold.

The shape and style of your medallion can also be tailored to suit your vision. Want a traditional circular design or a bold, geometric shape? A minimalist style or an intricate, detailed design? We’re equipped to bring your vision to life, ensuring the final piece truly reflects your accomplishment.

With our custom medallions, you can create a symbol of your achievement as unique as your journey to reach it. Every detail is small and straightforward for us to handle. After all, your achievement deserves nothing less than perfection.

Custom Medallion
Custom Medals

Materials and Styles of Custom Medals

The choice of materials and styles for custom medals is as diverse as the achievements they represent. We understand that each accomplishment is unique and deserves a fitting tribute. We offer many materials, from traditional gold, silver, and bronze, to modern alternatives like acrylic, glass, and eco-friendly options.

For those looking for a unique touch, we also offer customization in more unconventional materials such as copper, zinc, tungsten, titanium, brass, iron, wood, and even eco-friendly options. And for those desiring a touch of luxury, we provide customization in 14k gold and silver.

The style of your medal can range from classic circular shapes to more unique, personalized designs. We offer pin-style medals for easy attachment to clothing, magnetic medals for convenient display, and even wooden and plastic options for a distinctive look. With our range of materials and styles, your custom medal can be as unique and individual as the achievement it commemorates.

Replica Medals

Lost your medal or found a design you love? We can recreate it for you. Our replica medal service ensures that your achievements always have a tangible reminder. From classic Olympic designs to unique personal achievements, we can reproduce all medals with meticulous attention to detail.

Our replica medals maintain the integrity of the original design while infusing it with superior craftsmanship. Whether it’s the luster of gold, the sheen of silver, or the classic allure of bronze, we ensure that our replicas carry the same symbolic weight as the original.

By offering replica medals, we aim to celebrate every achievement, no matter how small or large, because we believe that every accomplishment, every victory, deserves to be remembered and cherished.

Replica Medal
Medal Awards

Customized Packaging for Your Medals

Presentation matters, and we offer a range of customized packaging options for your medals. From the elegance of a leather box to the vibrant colors of ribbons, our packaging solutions add a touch of sophistication to your token of achievement.

Whether you prefer the classic look of a leather case or the sturdy durability of a plastic box, we have an array of packaging options to suit your needs. For those seeking a touch of elegance, our velvet-lined boxes offer a luxurious home for your medals.

In addition to boxes, we also provide personalized ribbons, perfect for proudly displaying your medals. Available in various colors, these ribbons can be customized with your name, the event, or any other text that adds meaning to your achievement. With our custom packaging, your medals aren’t just tokens of achievement but keepsakes to be treasured.

Types of Medals

Custom Medals: Custom Medallions – Made in the USA : We offer locally crafted medals, proudly designed and manufactured in the USA.

Custom Racing Medals : Our custom racing medals are perfect for adding a unique touch to any racing event, capturing the energy and competitive spirit.

Custom Race Medals : We produce tailored medals for all types of races, ready to encapsulate the thrill and excitement of your specific race event.

Custom Medals for Awards : Recognize every achievement with our custom award medals, designed to honor the efforts and skills of the awardee.

Custom Medals for Races : We make unique medals for race events, ensuring every participant’s endeavor is well acknowledged.

Custom Award Medals : Our custom award medals are the perfect way to express appreciation for exceptional performances in various fields.

Custom Running Medals : Celebrate every marathon, sprint, and run with our unique running medals.

Custom-Made Medals : We craft bespoke medals tailored to your specific requirements and themes.

Custom Gold Medals : Relish in the triumph with our custom gold medals, a premium emblem of distinction and accomplishment.

Custom Medals No Minimum : We cater to all order sizes, making personalized medals accessible, regardless of quantity.

Custom Military Medals : Honour military service and bravery with our finely crafted custom military medals.

Custom Sports Medals : Elevate every sports event with our unique sports medals designed to capture the spirit of each game.

Running Medals Custom : Commemorate every stride with our custom running medals, embodying the perseverance and determination of each runner.

Custom 5K Medals : Celebrate the completion of every 5K run with our custom medals, capturing the runner’s journey and accomplishment.

Custom Sports Medals : From soccer to tennis, we customize medals for every sport, encapsulating the passion and dedication of athletes.

Custom Medals Near Me : With our extensive network, we ensure that high-quality, personalized medals are always within your reach, no matter your location.

Custom Awards Medals : We produce uniquely designed medals that serve as a testament to the exceptional achievements of the award recipients.

Cheap Custom Medals : We offer affordable, personalized medals without compromising on quality, ensuring recognition is accessible to all.

Medals Custom Made : Our custom-made medals are tailored to fit the specifications and themes of your events, creating a lasting emblem of the occasion.

Custom-Made Medals : Our medals, custom-made to order, make any achievement feel even more special and unique.

Custom Engraved Medals : Add a personal touch to your medals with our custom engraving services, uniquely identifying every recipient.

Custom Wrestling Medals : Celebrate every takedown, pin, and victory with our custom wrestling medals, capturing the essence of the sport.

Custom Finisher Medals : Mark the completion of races, marathons, and tournaments with our specially designed finisher medals.

Custom Medals and Trophies : Complement your award ceremonies with our range of custom medals and trophies, each serving as a testament to the achievement it represents.

Custom Medals Maker : As a reliable custom medals maker, we strive to transform your concepts into tangible mementos.

Custom Soccer Medals : Celebrate every goal, every save, every match with our specially designed soccer medals.

Custom Diecast Medals : We offer custom diecast medals, offering a robust and detailed memento that stands the test of time.

Custom Medals Online : Our platform allows you to easily design and order customized medals, delivering convenience without compromising quality.

Custom Insert Medals : Our insert medals provide a unique, customizable centerpiece, perfect for any event or occasion.

Custom Logo Medals : Incorporate your brand or event logo into our custom medals, offering a unique and professional look.

Custom Award Medals No Minimum Order : Regardless of your order size, we’re ready to provide high-quality custom award medals tailored to your needs.

Custom Neck Ribbons for Medals : We offer custom neck ribbons, providing the perfect finishing touch to your bespoke medals.

Custom Die-Cast Medals : Our custom die-cast medals are a premium option, showcasing exquisite detail and lasting quality.

Custom-Designed Medals : Bring your vision to life with our custom-designed medals, perfect for making your event truly one-of-a-kind.

Custom Medals Cheap : Get affordable yet high-quality custom medals with our budget-friendly options.

Custom Marathon Medals : Commemorate the perseverance and triumph of every marathon with our custom marathon medals.

Custom Design Medals : Our team is ready to help you create a custom medal design that perfectly captures the essence of your event or achievement.

Medals Custom Design : From concept to creation, we bring your custom medal designs to life, crafting tangible symbols of success and achievement.

Custom Plastic Medals : Our custom plastic medals offer a lightweight, affordable, and durable option for any event or ceremony.

Custom Running Medals No Minimum : Regardless of your running event’s size, we offer custom running medals with no minimum order.

Custom Baseball Medals : Celebrate every home run, catch, and victory on the diamond with our custom baseball medals.

Custom Saint Medals : Honor spiritual journeys and commitments

Custom Saint Medals : Honor spiritual journeys and commitments with our custom saint medals, personalized to represent individual faiths and patrons.

Custom Medals and Ribbons : Our unique medal and ribbon combinations create a lasting memento, perfect for any award or recognition event.

Custom Coins and Medals : Celebrate achievements or commemorate events with our range of custom coins and medals, each uniquely designed and crafted.

Custom Track Medals : Reward each lap, hurdle, and relay victory with our tailor-made track medals, capturing the speed and spirit of the sport.

Make Custom Medals : Let us help you create unique custom medals, transforming your ideas into tangible tokens of achievement.

Custom Fiesta Medals : Our custom fiesta medals add a unique, celebratory touch to any festival or event, encapsulating the energy and joy of the occasion.

Custom Enamel Medals : We offer custom enamel medals, combining vibrant colors with lasting quality for a remarkable remembrance.

Custom 5K Race Medals : Celebrate every 5K finish line crossed with our custom medals, recognizing each runner’s commitment and perseverance.

Custom Graduation Medals : Honour each graduate’s hard work and success with our custom graduation medals, a keepsake for this important milestone.

Order Custom Medals : Order your custom medals with us, and we’ll ensure they perfectly capture the spirit of your event or achievement.

Custom Medals No Minimum UK : Servicing the UK, we provide customized medals of the highest quality, with no minimum order requirements.

Sports Medals Custom : No matter the sport, we create bespoke medals that honor every player’s dedication and achievement.

Custom Football Medals : Recognize every touchdown, tackle, and victory on the field with our custom football medals.

Graduation Medals Custom : Celebrate the triumph of academic accomplishment with our personalized graduation medals.

Custom Ribbons for Medals : Add a final touch to your medals with our custom ribbons, available in various colors and designs to match your event.

Custom Medals Awards : We provide custom medals for awards of all kinds, ensuring each recipient’s efforts are suitably recognized.

Custom Medals Melbourne : Servicing Melbourne, we offer uniquely crafted medals made with precision and care to honor every achievement.

Custom Religious Medals : Celebrate faith and devotion with our custom religious medals, personalized to reflect individual beliefs and commitments.


Custom Volleyball Medals : Recognize every spike, serve, and block with our custom volleyball medals, created uniquely for each tournament or league.

No Minimum Custom Medals : We offer superior-quality customized medals with no minimum order requirements, perfect for any event or recognition program.

Custom Acrylic Medals : Our custom acrylic medals combine durability and design for a lasting memento of achievement or celebration.

Custom Brass Medals : Our custom brass medals bring a traditional elegance to your awards, maintaining their shine for years to come.

Custom Metal Medals : Choose our robust custom metal medals for a timeless token of success, achievement, or participation.

Custom Ribbons and Medals : Complete your awards with our custom ribbons and medals, ensuring each recipient feels truly recognized and appreciated.

Custom Silver Medals : Our custom silver medals add a touch of prestige to any event, each uniquely crafted to represent the achievement it signifies.

Custom Cycling Medals : Celebrate every pedal stroke with our custom cycling medals, recognizing the dedication and stamina of each rider.

Custom Medals Canada : Serving the Canadian market, we offer custom medals that capture the spirit of achievement in every design.

Custom Hockey Medals : From slapshots to saves, our custom hockey medals celebrate every thrilling moment on the ice.

Custom Softball Medals : Commemorate each home run, pitch, and catch with our custom softball medals tailored for each team and tournament.

Cheap Custom Medals and Awards : Get affordable yet high-quality custom medals and awards from us, never compromising on quality or design.

Custom Wood Medals : Our custom wood medals offer a unique, natural aesthetic, perfect for eco-conscious events and organizations.

Custom Olympic Medals : Relive the thrill of the world’s biggest sporting stage with our custom Olympic medals, capturing the essence of each competition.

Custom Medals and Awards : We provide bespoke medals and awards, ensuring each achievement, big or small, is suitably recognized.

Custom Medals Fast : For those needing a quick turnaround, our fast custom medals offer high quality without the wait.

Custom Pickleball Medals : Celebrate the growing sport of pickleball with our custom medals, acknowledging every volley and serve.

Custom Triathlon Medals : Honor the immense effort of swimming, cycling, and running with our custom triathlon medals, each symbolizing the athlete’s determination.

5K Medals Custom : Mark the achievement of every 5K run with our custom medals, celebrating each participant’s commitment to fitness and perseverance.

Custom Medals Los Angeles : Catering to the LA area, we offer custom medals that reflect the vibrant spirit of the city’s various events and achievements.

Custom Bronze Medals : Our custom bronze medals deliver timeless elegance, each one uniquely crafted to represent the achievement it commemorates.

Custom Military Style Medals : Showcase your respect for the armed forces with our custom military style medals, incorporating classic design elements in a modern, customized format.

Custom Badges and Medals : We offer a comprehensive selection of custom badges and medals created to recognize various accomplishments and affiliations.

Custom Basketball Medals : Celebrate every slam dunk and three-pointer with our custom basketball medals, perfectly tailored to each league or tournament.

Custom Printed Medals : With our custom-printed medals, you can capture even the most intricate designs, making each medal a unique piece of art.

Custom Medals for Events : Whether it’s a corporate function, charity event, or local fair, our custom medals can make any event feel extra special.

Custom Medals UK : Serving the UK market, we provide custom medals that accurately represent the country’s diverse range of events and achievements.

Custom Wooden Medals : Our custom wooden medals offer a distinct, eco-friendly alternative to traditional awards, ideal for those seeking a unique aesthetic.

Custom Event Medals : Make your event unforgettable with our custom event medals, each designed to commemorate the occasion specially.

Custom Medallions : We offer custom medallions for every occasion, meticulously designed and crafted to capture the spirit of your event or organization.

Custom Hiking Stick Medallions : Add a personal flair to your hiking gear with our custom hiking stick medallions, a constant reminder of your outdoor adventures.

Walking Stick Medallions Custom : Celebrate every journey with our custom walking stick medallions, remembering the miles you’ve trekked.

Hiking Stick Medallions Custom : Personalize your hiking stick with our custom medallions, each one a symbol of the trails you’ve traversed.

Custom Gold Medallions : Consider our custom gold medallions for a true mark of excellence. Elegant and prestigious, these are the perfect awards for top achievers.

Custom-Made Medallions : Our custom-made medallions allow you to celebrate any event or achievement with a design that’s uniquely yours.

Custom Walking Stick Medallions : Celebrate every journey with our custom walking stick medallions, a keepsake of your outdoor achievements and adventures.

Custom Medallions for Chains : Add a personalized touch to your jewelry with our custom chains, a standout piece that reflects your unique style.

Medallions Custom Made : Choose our custom-made medallions for a truly bespoke award or keepsake, uniquely tailored to your requirements and tastes.

Custom Metal Medallions : Our custom metal medallions offer a robust, timeless token of achievement, whether for an event, an organization, or a personal accomplishment.

Custom Tile Medallions : Enhance your home decor with our custom tile medallions, perfect for adding a personal touch to any space.

Custom Graduation Medallions : Commemorate academic success with our custom graduation medallions, a lasting memento of hard work and accomplishment.

Custom Medallions Coins : Our custom medallions coins are the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, each piece meticulously crafted to create a lasting symbol of achievement.

Custom Engraved Medallions : Make your award or gift unique with our custom engraved medallions, personalized to suit any occasion or achievement.

Custom Medallions Online : With our online service, designing and ordering custom medallions has never been easier or more convenient.

Custom Logo Medallions : Strengthen your brand recognition with our custom logo medallions, an elegant way to showcase your company or organization.

Custom Floor Medallions : Bring a touch of luxury to your interiors with our custom floor medallions, handcrafted to complement your design aesthetic.

Custom Marble Medallions : Our custom marble medallions offer a blend of luxury and durability, ideal for creating a striking focal point in any room.

Custom Hiking Medallions : Commemorate your outdoor adventures with our custom hiking medallions, designed to be a lasting reminder of your achievements.

Custom Design Medallions for Hardwood Floors : Elevate your interiors with our custom design medallions for hardwood floors, creating a unique and eye-catching feature in your home or office.

Custom Coins and Medallions : Our custom coins and medallions offer a tangible recognition of achievement and success, personalized to suit any occasion.

Custom Tile Inlay Medallions : Enhance your decor with our custom tile inlay medallions, a perfect addition to any home or business setting.

Custom Pewter Medallions : Our custom pewter medallions blend traditional craftsmanship and modern design, the perfect token for any achievement.

Custom Stone Medallions : Add a touch of grandeur to your space with our custom stone medallions, each meticulously crafted to reflect your style.

Custom Wood Floor Medallions : Our custom wood floor medallions bring a unique, organic beauty to any space, making them a stunning addition to your home or office.

Hardwood Custom Design Medallions Des Plaines IL : Proudly serving Des Plaines, IL, we create custom hardwood design medallions that perfectly blend style and durability.

Custom Mosaic Medallions : Our custom mosaic medallions offer a unique aesthetic appeal, making them a striking addition to any decor style.

Custom Plastic Medallions : Versatile and durable, our custom plastic medallions are a cost-effective choice for large events or promotional giveaways.

Custom Hardwood Medallions : We combine intricate craftsmanship with high-quality materials to produce custom hardwood medallions that truly stand out.

Custom Silver Medallions : Embrace the timeless elegance of silver with our custom silver medallions, ideal for awards, corporate gifts, or personal keepsakes.

Custom Recovery Medallions : Recognize milestones in addiction recovery journeys with our custom recovery medallions – a symbol of strength, resilience, and perseverance.

Chicago Custom Design Medallions for Hardwood Floors : Serving Chicago, we specialize in crafting stunning custom design medallions for hardwood floors, each piece as unique as the individual it honors.

Custom-Made Coins Medallions : We transform your ideas into reality with our custom-made coins medallions crafted with precision for any occasion or celebration.

Custom Necklace Medallions : Our custom necklace medallions combine fashion and sentiment, allowing you to wear your achievement or memory close to your heart.

Custom Hardwood Floor Medallions : We craft custom hardwood floor medallions that can transform your interiors into a work of art, each design unique and filled with personal significance.

Custom Painted Ceiling Medallions : We bring your ceiling to life with our custom-painted ceiling medallions, perfect for adding an artistic touch to any space.

Custom Chocolate Medallions : Sweeten any occasion with our custom chocolate medallions – the perfect combination of delicious taste and personalized touch.

Custom Medallions No Minimum : Catering to all your needs, we provide custom medallions with no minimum order, ensuring everyone gets to celebrate their achievements in style.

Custom Brass Medallions : Our custom brass medallions carry a traditional charm and durability, making them a favored choice for various occasions.

Custom Hip-Hop Medallions : Stay trendy with our custom hip-hop medallions, representing your unique style and passion for music.

Custom Grip Medallions : Enhance your equipment aesthetics with our custom grip medallions, combining functionality with a personal touch.

Custom Chain Medallions : Keep your achievements or memories close with our custom chain medallions, a stylish accessory to complement any outfit.

Custom Car Medallions : Personalize your ride with our custom car medallions, a perfect way to express your unique style and passion for automobiles.

Diecast & Unique Sports Medals : Our Diecast and unique sports medals are a testament to the strength, dedication, and talent of athletes, tailor-made for various sporting events.

Highland Games Medals : Celebrate the spirit of Scottish heritage with our Highland Games medals, designed to honor the skills and strength displayed in these traditional events.

Gymnastics Medals and Awards : Reward gymnasts’ grace, strength, and dedication with our custom gymnastics medals and awards designed to commemorate their performances.

Race, Triathlon, and Marathon Medals : Honor the endurance, stamina, and sheer determination of athletes with our custom race, triathlon, and marathon medals, a token of their incredible feat.

Sports Day and Academic Medals : Celebrate achievements in academia and sports with our custom sports day and academic medals, perfect for recognizing hard work and dedication.

Custom-Made Medals & Logo-Printed Ribbons : We offer custom-made and logo-printed ribbons, allowing for a fully personalized experience.

Custom Running Medals : Our custom running medals symbolize perseverance and determination, perfect for commemorating the hard work and effort put in by runners.

Custom Kids Medals : Reward the young achievers and motivate them to do better with our custom kids medals, a perfect token to celebrate their milestones.

Hockey, Ringette, and Figure Skating Medals : Honor the passion and dedication of athletes in ice sports with our custom hockey, ringette, and figure skating medals, a fitting tribute to their skills.

Custom Award Medals with Printed Center : Offering an extra level of customization, our award medals feature a printed center designed to make each accolade even more special.

History of Medals

The history of medals traces back centuries, embodying a long-standing tradition of acknowledging achievement and valor. The roots of medal giving can be traced back to the ancient Greeks, who awarded victors in the Olympic Games with laurel wreaths. The practice evolved, with the Romans introducing military decorations as medallions.

The tradition of awarding medals continued into the Middle Ages, with various European monarchs granting medals as a form of honor. Medals became more commonplace as time progressed, awarded for accomplishments in the military, academia, and the arts.

In modern times, medals continue to serve as symbols of achievement, recognized globally in various fields. Be it the coveted Olympic gold or the humble local sports medal, the significance of this token remains unwavering. Each medal is a testament to its recipient’s perseverance, dedication, and skill, carrying a legacy that spans centuries.

Customized Medal

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Crafting Your Ideal Custom Medal: Our Method

Producing your unique custom medal is a process we hold in high regard, offering an enjoyable and streamlined journey. Let’s delve into the various stages of our design procedure:

Getting Started:

The process begins by grasping your vision and custom medal requirements. This initial interaction lets us understand your desires, providing expert insights matching your anticipations.


Concept Development:

Fueled by your ideas, our creative team generates initial sketches or digital models. This phase allows us to translate your vision into a tangible design, making modifications based on your suggestions.


Design Approval:

Once refined, we will share a detailed digital representation of your custom medal with you. This stage empowers you to examine and refine the design to meet your preferences.

Skilled Manufacturing:

Upon design affirmation, our adept artisans begin the production, employing their expertise and advanced equipment to bring your design to life.


Quality Assurance:

Every custom medal goes through an exhaustive quality check before shipment, ensuring we deliver only the best products from our facility.


On-Time Delivery:

Our quality control team dispatches your custom medal to your specified address, ready to showcase your unique style.


Our custom medals are priced to fit all budgets and are accessible to everyone. We offer substantial discounts on bulk orders. By dealing directly with our factory, you bypass any additional costs associated with intermediaries.


We offer free, speedy quotations. Most inquiries are addressed within minutes. For immediate assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at (803)760-7099.


We commit to shipping small or large orders in timely delivery. We partner with UPS and FedEx to ensure timely delivery.


We proudly design and produce these medals in South Carolina, USA. Rest assured, the quality of our products is assured.

Why Choose us?

Commitment to Quality:

We offer unmatched quality, extraordinary craftsmanship, and ultimate client satisfaction. We strive for perfection, ensuring each custom medal represents your unique narrative.


Outstanding Customization:

We understand the importance of personalization in medals. Our team aids in crafting the ideal medal that reflects your identity, preferences, and fashion sense.


Direct Factory Purchasing – Efficiency and Cost Savings:

Ordering directly from our factory provides competitive pricing and faster deliveries, ensuring you receive your medal without unnecessary delay.

Proudly Crafted in the USA:

All our custom medals are designed and manufactured in the USA. By choosing us, you are assured of superior quality and support for our local economy.


Fast and Trustworthy Delivery:

We place equal emphasis on speed and reliability of delivery as well as product quality. As soon as your custom medal passes our stringent quality standards, we hasten the delivery process, ensuring you receive your medal promptly.

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